Let the Kriya Carry You

Insight from a Toronto Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Student:

In my practice of Kundalini Yoga I often cannot complete a particular posture within a specific Kriya. I also view K-yoga as an advanced yoga and my practice level is at a beginner level. So in order for me to participate it is important to do my best (level of effort, active is crucial) so that I am actively in the process and all my systems are engaged. Once that is taking place at a physical level I ask what is the intent of this posture process etc. I imagine that I am being held in that posture by “spiritual helpers (a force greater than me)”. I open to whatever the effects are within the design of the kriya. I have found that each posture or process takes me from one state to the next. No matter how “difficult” or “easy” each step is within the kriya each one matters. If I hold my focus and give my best to each step then the outcome of the kriya is a significant shift. I experience a sense of relief, even if it opens a painful door.

However, if I collapse, lose my focus or try and receive the kriya passively I wind up stuck in an emotional morass or feeling as if nothing happened. If I remain in an active (doing my best) and receptive ( open to the intention of the posture and Kriya) state, the Kriya itself carries me. I am not doing the Kriya. I do not know how to do it. I can only understand some of its intention. In some cases I cannot do the posture. The Kriyas design is creating the change. I am being carried by it. I have learned through experience to trust the wisdom of the kriya itself. Because of the tuning in process, I know the teacher is present and I know I can call on Guru Ram Das’s assistance at any moment within the Kriya and be held even if I cannot do it.

– Clarissa Chandler



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