In Us Is the Power

Dear women of the world,   In us is the power to create, To accept a possibility, a seed of becoming And give it room and opportunity To ripen and bloom.   In us is the power to nurture With the rivers and oceans of Mother Earth, the soil and land New beginnings, sustenance, growth and peace So that life itself may thrive.   In us is the power to say no To that which oppresses, harms and constricts the right to exist as oneself And to stop the murder, rape, molestation and mutilation Of the earth, other beings and women’s bodies.   In us is the power to connect With each other, and our communities, beyond differences to open our hearts To mobilize towards equality, inclusion and acceptance Until there is wellbeing for all.   In us is the power to know The way forward, to lead with confidence … Continued

Statement Regarding My Position in the Kundalini Yoga Community

April 5, 2021 Dear Readers, Many of you know that I have been a long time teacher of Kundalini Yoga and teacher trainings, affiliated with the Kundalini Research Institute (KRI) and the teaching association, IKYTA. You may also know that in February 2020, it became publicly known that the primary teacher affiliated with that organization, Yogi Bhajan, who died in 2004, was accused of sexually abusing students and staff in the past. An investigation by the Olive Branch ensued, which concluded that the allegations were more than likely true. Representatives of the organization took action to address the findings of the report, assist reporters of harm, and promote healing. A process is currently under way, led by an organization called Just Outcomes, to assist all levels of the community to acknowledge harm done and bring healing and reconciliation to those who were abused. This has been a very challenging time … Continued

Virtual Sadhana

Many of us have been participating in virtual sadhanas for many weeks, and it has been of great benefit during these challenging times. Would you like to join us? We would like to invite you to a daily sadhana practice in the ambrosial hours between 4:15-6:30 a.m. ET (Toronto time) any day. Register here for the link. We have a dedicated team of inspiring sadhana leaders who will be leading on different days of the week or month, with the intention for it to be a continuous flow. Yogic teachings state that 4-7 a.m. is the time of day when the veil between this world and “the other world’ – or between the Earth and the Heavens – is the thinnest. It is the best time to pray, meditate, and connect your finite self with your Infinite self. Sadhana practice builds grit, strength, radiance and intuition. Practicing together moves us … Continued

Healing Trauma

Trauma affects each of us in some way. Either we’ve experienced it firsthand, or have been impacted by the traumatic history of others. Trauma is not just about the things that happened to us that should not have happened. These might include physical, sexual or emotional abuse; witnessing violence in the home; substance abuse or mental illness in family members; parental separation or divorce; a family member being imprisoned; a natural disaster or serious accident. Trauma also includes what didn’t happen to us that should have happened. We may have been neglected physically or emotionally because our parents were unavailable, preoccupied, or chronically stressed. We may have missed out on childhood experiences because we were expected to shoulder too much responsibility at a young age. Childhood trauma is the root of much mental illness. Judith Herman, author of Trauma and Recovery, distinguishes between a single incident trauma, such as surviving an … Continued

My New Bicycle and Climate Change

I’ve discovered a solution to finding an enjoyable form of exercise that also decreases my carbon footprint. I bought an electric bicycle. We have a great store in Owen Sound called Bikeface, and after Patti introduced to me to this lovely transporter, I returned to purchase it a few days later. It has surpassed my expectations, and makes riding the 12 km between my farm in Annan to my office in Owen Sound a pleasure. I secretly feel like Superwoman when I initiate the electric boost. So cool. The ride is a downhill thrill going to work in the morning, but those same hills are looming giants on the way home that dissuaded me from riding my non-electric bike to work in the past. At the end of the day, the last thing I want to do is walk a bike up a long hill, feeling deflated, humiliated, and exhausted. A … Continued

11 Reasons to Attend the 21 Stages of Meditation in Owen Sound, Aug 25-31, 2019

What are the 21 Stages of Meditation? Find out by attending this beautifully designed course for all meditators to experience, explore and refine awareness and the sense of Self through practicing meditations that take you into each aspect of your nature. The program is very systematic as it pokes and calls attention to each area of your self. This will help you to develop an integrated awareness of who you are in all the conditions you produce and encounter in your life. Each practice enhances the range of your choices and the strength of your authentic inner alignment so you can walk the path you are here to fulfill; it helps you realize your destiny to co-create with the universe and the Self. Eleven reasons to attend:   1.  The teachers. Gurucharan Khalsa wrote the exquisite book that accompanies the course, under the guidance of Yogi Bhajan. There is no better … Continued

For Mother Earth: My Environmental Creed

Several years ago I gave a talk on Spirituality and Sustainability at a United Nations NGO conference in New York. In considering the depth of this topic, I realized that what humanity needs now is a set of environmental values that informs our actions. These values will help us manifest a future that sustains humans as well as our fellow creatures. Without these values, we know not what we do. My Environmental Creed: I recognize the interconnectedness of all life and acknowledge the consequences of my actions on other species and humans in locations near and distant. I realize that human well-being is derived from the well-being of the earth and its elements – soil, trees, food, water, air, weather patterns and biodiversity of species. As I coexist with other species, I have a responsibility to protect their habitat and survival. In considering the welfare and survival of other species … Continued

How Do Electromagnetic Fields Affect Human Health?

What are Electromagnetic Fields? Electromagnetism is a force that exists between objects composed of atoms with electrical charge. It holds the atoms together that make up our bodies and objects in the visible world of form, governs the interaction of molecules and is necessary for all chemical reactions to occur. The movement of electrons generates an electrical field, measured in voltage. When there is a flow of electrons through a conducting material (such as the human body), an electrical current is produced, which then generates a magnetic field in the space that surrounds the conducting material. The rate and amount of current flow through the conducting material determines the strength   of the magnetic field. Magnetic fields can attract and trap charged particles. Amazingly, the magnetic field produced by the flow of current through a conductor is infinite, is not easily shielded, passes through objects and walls, and travels at the … Continued

The Mystery of Meditation; the Power of an Altar

Sometimes meditation practice grants us mysterious rewards. Almost 40 days ago on June 21 at the 2015 summer solstice celebration in New Mexico, I committed to practicing two 31 minute meditations for 1000 days, as part of the Kundalini Yoga Level 3 teacher training requirements. I have been travelling and teaching in Spain and Belgium since then, and have been blessed to be able to keep up with these daily meditations. Today I returned home from Belgium after a long day of travel. I have a little room I often meditate in. It needed a good cleaning and some re-organizing. I removed the clutter from the shelf that I use as an altar, wiped it down with a damp cloth and set upon it a picture of Baba Siri Chand, a small calligraphic ink painting by Thich Nhat Hanh that says “Flow as a River” and a large crystal. I cleaned … Continued