Sat Dharam is a registered Naturopathic Doctor, practicing at Trillium Healing Arts in Owen Sound, ON.

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Naturopathic medicine is a natural, comprehensive approach to preventing illness, improving health, and treating disease. Naturopathic doctors believe in the body’s innate capacity for self-healing, and seek to address and remove the cause of illness. The cause of disease may lie in the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual plane, and each of these areas is taken into consideration when developing a treatment plan. The whole person is addressed, rather than a single symptom. Often a physical symptom is an expression of an underlying mental, emotional or spiritual conflict that needs to be brought to the surface to restore balance to the whole.

The primary therapies used in Sat Dharam’s practice are homeopathy, clinical nutrition, NeuroModulation Technique (NMT), herbal medicine (both Chinese and western herbs), acupuncture, bodywork, lifestyle counselling, breathwork, yoga therapy, Compassionate Inquiry and whole body detoxification including sauna therapy.


  • Initial Consultation (1.5 hours) $ 180
  • Follow-up Consultation (1 hour) $ 125
  • Follow-up Consultation (30 minutes) $ 70
  • Children 17 and under $ 50 per visit
  • Acupuncture $ 65
  • Bodywork (1 hour) $ 80
  • NMT $ 70 (1/2 hour) $ 125 (1 hour)

Many employee insurance plans cover naturopathic medicine in part or in full.


Call (519) 372-9212 to book an appointment or for inquiries of any kind.

See for more information on Sat Dharam’s Naturopathic medicine practice and clinic.