In Us Is the Power

Dear women of the world,


In us is the power to create,

To accept a possibility, a seed

of becoming

And give it room and opportunity

To ripen and bloom.


In us is the power to nurture

With the rivers and oceans of Mother Earth,

the soil and land

New beginnings, sustenance, growth and peace

So that life itself may thrive.


In us is the power to say no

To that which oppresses, harms and constricts

the right to exist as oneself

And to stop the murder, rape, molestation and mutilation

Of the earth, other beings and women’s bodies.


In us is the power to connect

With each other, and our communities, beyond differences

to open our hearts

To mobilize towards equality, inclusion and acceptance

Until there is wellbeing for all.


In us is the power to know

The way forward, to lead with confidence

clarity and strength

On behalf of those who cannot speak, have died, or face extinction

They are waiting for us.


In us is the power to weep

With the ones who suffer, have lost everything, or never had it

and for the gasping earth

Who struggles to replenish what has been stolen from her.

The pain is immense.


In us is the power to sing

The ancient songs that awaken through us

and carry us home

Reminders of the truths we’ve always known

But had forgotten.


In us is the power to heal

The generations forward and backward

and our ailing planet

Through listening, responding, simplicity and stewardship

And recognition of oneness.


In us is the power to love

Though there be devastation, despair, destruction and division

there is a way

Through acceptance, recognition, understanding and truth

As we stand together.


~ Sat Dharam Kaur

March 8, 2024


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