Kundalini Yoga is Suitable for All Ayurvedic Constitutional Types

Kundalini Yoga consists of a wide variety of pranayams, mantras, and kriyas that can be tailored to fit Ayurvedic constitutional types. For example, while a set that uses a lot of breath of fire or Sat Kriya may be too stimulating for SOME pitta types, another kriya that uses left nostril breathing, sitali breathing and less breath of fire can be perfect. For the pitta and vata constitutions, the relaxation breaks that are used between exercises help balance any heating effect of an exercise, so that one does not overheat. The way Kundalini Yoga is practiced can also be adjusted – a vata type can go more slowly through the exercises, a kapha type can be encouraged to push through it and pitta can be guided to relax more between exercises. In short, absolutely everyone can benefit from Kundalini Yoga, but guidance may be required to select suitable practices for … Continued