Create Oneself Anew

To heal from any chronic illness, addiction or cancer, one must take stock of one’s limiting beliefs, false statements about oneself, unhealthy behaviour patterns, emotional responses to people, places and events, and lovingly release all that is in the way of total transformation. We become what we think, what we say to ourselves, what others project onto us and we accept, what we visualize and what we feel in our bodies. When we shift the way we think to honour our potential and all that we can become, when we visualize ourselves healthy and thriving, when we release the emotional blockages in our bodies and allow energy to flow freely, we create ourselves anew, and the seemingly impossible becomes possible. The vast power of the universe dwells within us. Recognize it and invite its awakening..

Let the Kriya Carry You

Insight from a Toronto Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Student: In my practice of Kundalini Yoga I often cannot complete a particular posture within a specific Kriya. I also view K-yoga as an advanced yoga and my practice level is at a beginner level. So in order for me to participate it is important to do my best (level of effort, active is crucial) so that I am actively in the process and all my systems are engaged. Once that is taking place at a physical level I ask what is the intent of this posture process etc. I imagine that I am being held in that posture by “spiritual helpers (a force greater than me)”. I open to whatever the effects are within the design of the kriya. I have found that each posture or process takes me from one state to the next. No matter how “difficult” or “easy” … Continued

Sadhana Inspired

The discipline of early morning sadhana is sometimes difficult to maintain. We try with will, with guilt, with habit, with group consciousness, with commitment to maintain it. I find the attitude that works best for me (as a bhakti yogi), is to think of it as a date with my soul. Recently I have been very inspired by Guru Nanak, and this morning these words of his woke me up at 3:30 a.m.: “the day of the marriage of the soul-bride with her Lord has dawned. O friends, pour the oil of love down upon the threshold, and give me all your blessings, that I may know a perfect union with my Lord. This call is being sent to all homes each day – so forget not the One who calls. O Nanak, the day is drawing near for everyone.” These lines are part of the Sikh prayer called Kirtan … Continued