Sadhana Inspired

The discipline of early morning sadhana is sometimes difficult to maintain. We try with will, with guilt, with habit, with group consciousness, with commitment to maintain it. I find the attitude that works best for me (as a bhakti yogi), is to think of it as a date with my soul.

Recently I have been very inspired by Guru Nanak, and this morning these words of his woke me up at 3:30 a.m.: “the day of the marriage of the soul-bride with her Lord has dawned. O friends, pour the oil of love down upon the threshold, and give me all your blessings, that I may know a perfect union with my Lord. This call is being sent to all homes each day – so forget not the One who calls. O Nanak, the day is drawing near for everyone.”

These lines are part of the Sikh prayer called Kirtan Sohila, which is often read before bed. What better way to infuse our subconscious with the desire to rise in the amrit vela, the sweet early morning hours before dawn, than to read this before falling asleep? The beautiful phrases can also be used as an inspiration to meet your (my) literal partner (actual husband) in sadhana. If we can rise with the intention of realizing this through each another, is there anything more complete in a relationship?

I invite each of you to have this merger with yourself, with your loved ones and with the growing spiritual community of kundalini yogis, recognizing the Beloved in each of us. May we all experience perfect union with the One..


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