My New Bicycle and Climate Change

I’ve discovered a solution to finding an enjoyable form of exercise that also decreases my carbon footprint. I bought an electric bicycle. We have a great store in Owen Sound called Bikeface, and after Patti introduced to me to this lovely transporter, I returned to purchase it a few days later. It has surpassed my expectations, and makes riding the 12 km between my farm in Annan to my office in Owen Sound a pleasure. I secretly feel like Superwoman when I initiate the electric boost. So cool. The ride is a downhill thrill going to work in the morning, but those same hills are looming giants on the way home that dissuaded me from┬áriding my non-electric bike to work in the past. At the end of the day, the last thing I want to do is walk a bike up a long hill, feeling deflated, humiliated, and exhausted. A … Continued