The Yogi’s Prayer

The Yogi’s Prayer Relinquish desire and attachment Enjoy “what is” right now. Accept pain and pleasure Equally in peace. Release selfishness and pride Cultivate humility, and a generous heart. Surrender doubt Trusting the architecture of undivided wholeness. Let the words of enlightened beings guide thoughts and actions. Do not be drawn by the senses into craving or aversion, Sleep just enough, Eat lightly, Apply the principle of moderation. Let truth, contentment and self-discipline be your companions. Neither dwell in fear, nor animosity Be meticulously conscious While living in the world, Keep the connection to God intact. Dedicate each thought, word and deed to the Infinite. Override the ego. Love the Beloved all hours of night and day, Even among family activity, work and play. Maintain your yogic postures with deep internal silence Purity exists beyond thought. Lovingly attune to the sound current of Infinity Vibrate the unstruck melody. Listen with … Continued