Eleven Steps to Activate Your Destiny

15-health-wellness1Each of us has a unique role, a sacred contract with our soul – a mission and destiny, which if followed, brings much fulfillment and happiness – to ourselves and others. Sometimes we don’t recognize or accept our destiny and turn away from it, resulting in frustration and sadness from unfulfilled dreams and lack of meaning. We may deny our destiny because we are afraid of the commitment it requires, we don’t believe it is possible, or feel we are not up to the task. We may ignore or push away the inner voice that guides us onward. When we walk towards our destiny, though, we are filled with meaning and supported by the universe. Yogi Bhajan writes:

The magnetic field on which the current of life runs computes thought waves and it is connected with the Supreme Computer; this connection is known as destiny. Everybody is born with a destiny. If they are helped to walk to their destiny, they will be your friends. If they are helped to walk to betray their destiny, they will be your enemies.
Every person who walks away from his or her destiny is unhappy. Everyone who walks towards their destiny is happy.
You have a promise to your destiny. To be disciplined is its process. You are not seeking anything from me and I am not giving you anything. We have very deep promises made between our souls and ourselves. Prana was given to us, and our bodies were given to us to execute that prana. Our relationship with ourselves is not through our physical body, it is through our psyche. Those who lean on that psyche will grow in discipline. There is only one relationship between a master and a disciple – a disciple would like to affectionately surpass the master. We have a natural instinct to follow the heights. You need thirst to reach that height. For that thirst you need discipline.
If we go within and consciously experience our own beauty, we become God. Destiny is nothing but the outer impression of the inner image we carry within ourselves. If we know ourselves as God, we can reunite our destiny to our highest potential. When we look to the surface life, we see only the reflection of the inside.

When we have a glimpse of our destiny, we are inspired to apply discipline to achieve it. This discipline comes not from self-punishment and judgment, but from a place of self-elevation. We see who we can become and we want to serve this vision of ourselves. A daily discipline develops the intuition, guidance, commitment, grit and surrender to achieve it. How do you know what your destiny is? This can be confusing. It requires a quiet mind to listen to the inner self, because our destiny will always be in alignment with the desires of our soul, not our ego. We awaken to destiny moment by moment when we recognize that God is the doer of all, and we allow ourselves to listen to, obey and surrender to the divine plan for us. We become co-creators in the execution of this plan.

Eleven Steps to Activate One’s Destiny

There are eleven steps we can heed to activate our destiny.

  1. Daily Discipline – with the daily practice of pranayam, kriya and/or meditation, we create time and space for the universe to reveal to our intuition what is being asked of us. Ideally this should be at least a half hour each day.
  2. Deep Listening – through our daily practice we develop the capacity to deeply listen. We call this Suniaa. We listen not to our thoughts and mental chatter, but to the guidance from the soul that comes easily when we develop a neutral, non-reactive mind. Sitting in stillness with awareness of body sensations and focusing at the third eyepoint between the eyebrows facilitates this deep listening and the awakening of intuition. Deep Listening can be perceived either as an “Inner Voice”, as an image, or as a felt sense in the body – something just feels right or we get excited about it – our body says “yes”. From inner listening we also develop the capacity to “listen to the moment”, undertanding the signs, signals and opportunities that we attract in our external life and what to do with them. We can deeply listen to the Inner and Outer worlds through each of our senses, leading with the sixthe sense, our intuition.
  3. Accept and Obey the Guidance – Once we receive guidance through deep listening, we make a conscious choice to obey it, rather than make excuses or cover it with addictive behaviours. We say “yes” while also taking care of our personal needs, not to over-stretch or over-commit to the point of exhaustion. Commitment is the key. Commitment to the vision, felt sense or inner voice, and commitment to follow it through with self-care as our companion. Commitment to your Best Future Self and unfolding human potential.
  4. Develop the Inner Warrior – When we say “yes” to the mission asked of us, we need our inner warrior on our side. Tools like breath of fire, Sat Kriya and kriyas that develop the navel centre help with this. Self-care such as regular sleep, nourishing meals and daily exercise are essential. We’ll need courage, stamina and confidence to achieve our destiny. We’ll need a strong nervous system and balanced glandular system to Keep Up in the face of obstacles or set-backs. For some of us, it may take years to actualize our vision, and we’ll need to be strong as steel and steady as stone to see it through.
  5. Have Faith and Trust in the Universe and YourSelf – This is where many of us falter. We are eroded by doubt and disbelief, which paralyze us, rather than nurturing a sustaining trust and faith that all will be taken care of once we commit. We see all the things that can go wrong rather than recognizing the many possible avenues of support. We isolate rather than reach out. We may be afflicted with the thought of “why me?” or “I can’t”, or “I’m not good enough” or “It’s too hard or too big” or “No one will believe me”. Pay no attention to these thoughts. They are all excuses arising from your complexes.
  6. Ask for Help – To bolster faith and conviction, sometimes all we need do is to reach out for help. We may find that others are aligned with our mission and are willing to support us or be on our team. We don’t know if we don’t ask! Once you have an inkling of what you are to be or do, check it out with others who believe in you, and ask for assistance if it is needed. This might be a team of workers, financial assistance, prayers, space or lodging – identify the help you will need and find the appropriate avenues to ask for it. Drop any unworthiness or tendency to be apologetic and allow the people whom you lean on to decide how they want to help or be involved. Often our initiatives inspire others and they want to be involved. Grant them that opportunity.
  7. Show Up in the Moment – Once you have steps 1-7 under your belt, be sure to show up in the moment. This is important! You will be provided with opportunities in time and space to activate your destiny – BE THERE to accept them when they occur. It’s as though you have prepared the stage, are dressed in the costume, know your lines, and the audience is waiting – get up on that stage and do your part. Open your mouth and let the words and actions you have held inside for so long come out. Be the channel and mouthpiece for the will of the creator and recognize Ek Ong Kar Sat Nam Kartaa Purakh – there is One Source continually creating through all that is; this is Pure Being; and the Doer is Doing it through us. Get your butt off the couch, your ego, inhibitions and opinions out of the way and show up with a “yes” in the moment to deliver what you have to deliver. Just because it is yours to deliver.
  8. Open to the Needs of the Larger Self/Whole – destiny is never about placating the egoic self, or even of being comfortable. Far from it. There is an inherent leap into the Unknown and reaching beyond our pre-conceived limits if we are to achieve our destiny. Our actions will have a beneficial effect on the Wholeness of which we are all a part. Implicate in destiny is a recognition of what shift our contribution can make towards the greater good. We are all part of Consciousness evolving through matter, of the cosmic trip towards greater Self-awareness. To the extent that our actions contribute to the human values and virtues of kindness, equality, acceptance, freedom, love, service, hope, purity, honesty, awareness, justice, sharing – we are helping with the spiritual evolution of all beings.
  9. Use Your Gifts – no matter how much we might belittle ourselves, each of us has gifts we have already developed or can develop further. We have been born to use them. Whether your gifts are as an artist, an organizer, a spokeperson, a leader, a computer nerd, a musician, a cook, a teacher – these are meant to be used, matured, perfected and appreciated. Think of the wonderful ways in which humanity has benefited from the skills and talents of those who have gone before – in architecture, engineering, biology, literature, music and all disciplines – our history is a stream of steady achievment and greatness from one generation to the next. At least this is the potential, which may or may not occur. Acknowledge your gifts and find ways to deliver them to the world.
  10. Serve With Humility and Gratitude – destiny is not a pompous or grandiose acting out, but may go unnoticed by others for a time, or even forever. Recognize where the need lies and serve that need. Serve with humility and gratitude for the opportunity to serve. Know that through your actions you support a structure that allows consciousness to awaken more fully through each of us.
  11. Not Mine But Thine – Let go of the outcome as you share your gifts and service. Though you may make a living at it, be grateful for what comes your way, honour yourself and your work, receive any remuneration with gratitude and a sense of “All is Thine, None is Mine”. Dedicate your actions to Creative Wholeness, enjoy the material wealth that comes your way, and share your earnings with those less fortunate or to support a cause. This will help release any craving or attachment to material goods or wealth.

After considering the above Eleven Steps to Activate One’s Destiny, journal which of these steps come easily to you and which are more difficult. Create three reminders for yourself of practical steps you might take to move forward to activate your destiny more fully.

blessings, Sat Dharam Kaur ND.


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