The Healthy Breast Program is an intensive twelve-part learning program designed to educate women and girls in strategies to prevent breast cancer and to assist recovery from the disease using natural therapies in conjunction with conventional diagnostic and treatment options. The Healthy Breast Program encompasses lifestyle, diet, nutritional therapies, breathing practices, kundalini yoga, meditation, exercise and psycho-spiritual work.

The Healthy Breast Program is comprised of three learning streams, each consisting of 12 modules: 1) the Healthy Breast Foundations program; 2) the Healthy Breast Yoga Program and; 3) the Healthy Breast Practitioner Program.

Sat Dharam Kaur teaches the Healthy Breast Program internationally and online, and trains others to become Healthy Breast Educators, so that together we can help reverse the global breast cancer epidemic.

See for more information on the Healthy Breast Program and upcoming courses.

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