• The Aquarian Teacher™ KRI Level Two Teacher Training Program, Mind and Meditation

Our mind creates our world. Understand the essential qualities of your mind and exercise choice in the world you create with your mind. Deepen your practice of meditation, and recognize the composition, nature and dynamics of your mind.

Course Outline:

Day One: Mind, Meditation and Consciousness

Day Two: Awakening Intuition: Synchronize Your Brain and Your Mind

Day Three: Dynamics of the Mind: Chambers, Aspects and Thoughts

Day Four: Deep Meditation: Balancing Your Aspects

Day Five: Mental Intrigues

Day Six: The Committed Mind: Effective Action and Happiness


The Affirmation for this course is:

As I master and train my Mind, I master my world.

Course Objectives:

To enjoy and master this course the positive objectives of this curriculum are to:

• Enhance the depth of your understanding of meditation. This course is an opportunity for you to assess your meditative skill and refine your approach to meditation. To master the mind, you must master meditation.

• Help you focus on and explicitly elaborate your relationship to your own mind. Many people practice basic meditation without consciously assessing, understanding and commanding the mind.

• Increase your ability to observe neutrally, to become still, to clear your mind of distractions and intrigues, to recognize when you establish a state of shuniya, and to recognize the different functional parts of your mind.

• Experience and practice the use of intuition as a primary skill that comes from Kundalini Yoga and Meditation.

• Learn the structure of the mind as described in The Mind book. Examine the impersonal minds, guna qualities of the mind, and the 9 aspects of the mind.

• Understand how to use the 27 projections of the mind. Examine how to apply this to your own mind, and in your life.

Program includes:

•  6 full days of instruction with Gurucharan Singh Khalsa and Sat Dharam Kaur

•  Meditation, yoga, DVD classes with Yogi Bhajan, small group work with your peers

•  90-day study program with meditations and small group work.

•  Certification in the Mind and Meditation module (one of the five modules that comprise certification in Level Two) Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan®

Location & Dates

Location: The Centre, 316 Dupont Street, Toronto

July 15-20, 2018


Gurucharan Singh Khalsa, Ph.D., LPCC, is a leading Trainer in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan, and has helped to compile and elucidate Yogi Bhajan’s teachings since 1969. Gurucharan Singh combines Western scientific training with Eastern traditions to develop practical approaches to personal growth and fulfillment. His first degrees and graduate studies were from Harvey Mudd College and Claremont Graduate School. His major emphasis was in mathematics, with a broad training in physics, chemistry, engineering and a minor in psychology. Later Gurucharan Singh earned both an M.Ed. at Boston … Continued

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Sat Dharam is a certified Kundalini Yoga Lead teacher trainer and instructor, author, and naturopathic doctor practicing in Owen Sound, Ontario. She has studied Kundalini Yoga with Yogi Bhajan since 1976 and has facilitated teacher training programs in Toronto (ON), Canmore (AB), and New Mexico. Yogi Bhajan called Sat Dharam a “Teacher of teachers and Healer of healers.” She has developed an addiction recovery program using Kundalini Yoga as well as a breast health yoga training, designed to help educate women in breast cancer prevention through Kundalini Yoga and lifestyle … Continued

Sat Dharam Kaur, Canmore Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training 2013

Nirmal Singh is a Kundalini Yoga Lead teacher trainer, and has taught Kundalini Yoga since 1999. After a successful career in advertising, he created The Wellness Path which offers Kundalini Yoga and related programs to the local, regional and international communities. He currently produces 3HO events including sacred chant concerts, White Tantric Yoga, advanced yoga workshops, and Level 2 teacher training courses conducted by international trainers.


Fees & Registration


Super Early Bird registration by February 1st: $1,150 + HST ($1,299.50)

* Early Bird registration by June 8th: $1,250 +HST ($1,412.50)
Regular price after June 8th $1,450 +HST ($1,638.50)

Full-time Student/Senior (65+):
* Early Bird registration by June 8th: $1,050 +HST ($1,186.50)
Regular price after June 8th $1,250 +HST ($1,412.50)

* Half price for those who have taken this course before. Go even deeper into your understanding and experience of Mind and Meditation!


By phone: 416-716-1402 (Nirmal Singh)
By email: nirmal@thewellnesspath.ca
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Canadian Payment:

Tailored payment plans available. Contact Nirmal for details.

1) Pay by cheque:
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2) Pay online with INTERAC e-Transfer:
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