Women’s Moon Centers and Yogic Secrets of Sacred Sex

FullMoon_1The Kundalini yoga tradition teaches that women have 11 moon centers – erogenous zones of the body that are activated at different phases of the lunar cycle and influence our emotions and way of viewing the world. Our psyche is focused on one of the moon centers for 2½ days and then moves on to the next. The order of the moon centres is different for each woman – it’s up to us and our sexual partner to discover which one predominates on a particular day. The fluctuations in sexual desire during the menstrual cycle interweave with the rhythm of our moon centers to determine how we express ourselves sexually. When we are attentive to the pattern of our moon centers and menstrual cycle, we gain more awareness of ourselves as sexual and fertile beings. During foreplay, have some fun by inviting your sexual partner to discover your most active moon center.

Moon Centers Locations and Qualities
Hairline: steady, stable, clear, realistic
Cheeks: unpredictable
Ear lobes: intelligent, principled
Lips: verbal, interactive, communicative
Back of the neck: sensitive, romantic
Breasts: compassionate, giving
Belly button: insecure, exposed, vulnerable
Inner thighs: affirming
Eyebrows: imaginative, visionary
Vagina: deep
Clitoris: extroverted, socially communicative

Guidelines for Sacred Sex
Our sexuality, like our spirituality, is part of our wholeness. When treated with respect and consciousness, sex becomes a vehicle to merge with the soul of another person. Sexual energy can also be channeled into spiritual devotion, healing, exercise, or creative expression – music, dance, writing or art. Though it takes discipline and creativity, we can decide how we are going to use our sexual energy rather than being pulled by it into addictive, abusive, or unsatisfying behavior patterns and relationships.
If you are in a committed relationship and want to enhance and spiritualize your sexual experience, here are some yogic guidelines.

Take the time to make it special.
For a woman’s sexual energy to reach a peak, a sensual exchange should begin 72 hours before intercourse. This may involve romantic dinners, long walks in nature, foot massage, conversation, enjoyment of the arts, meditation, yoga, hand-holding, and stimulation of your moon centers. Encourage your partner to set aside one weekend a month for this kind of intimacy, and choose a time during your menstrual cycle when your libido is highest. Make it a consciously creative rather than a haphazard or predictable act.

Create a sacred setting.
Set the stage for sex by cleaning your bedroom, preparing it with flowers, candlelight, fresh fruit, decorative pillows, a book of love poetry, massage oil, music that facilitates intimacy, and any other special touches that appeal to the heart and senses.

Massage one another.
Communicate your love and desire through whole body touch. Ideally, this dual massage can take close to an hour and will create relaxation, expansiveness in your aura and readiness for intercourse. (If you are in a same sex relationship, massage one another according to the first sequence below). This type of massage follows the flow of sexual energy, beginning at the pituitary gland and moving down through the chakras.
– Ask your partner to massage and kiss you slowly, patiently, methodically, and creatively in the following areas to stimulate your erogenous zones – first your breasts and nipples, then neck and lips, then your hairline, eyebrows, cheeks and ears, especially the earlobes. Once the breasts, nipples, and earlobes have been stimulated, you will be more receptive and relaxed in the genital area. Then proceed to your inner thighs, calves, belly, lower back, clitoris, and vagina.
– Meanwhile you can massage and stimulate your partner’s erogenous zones – head and scalp, hairline, face, and earlobes. From here proceed to the buttocks, the inside of the thighs, testicles, penis, navel, chest, nipples, and any other areas along the way that bring pleasure.
– Merge with the divine in one another. During intercourse, breathe consciously, look into each other’s eyes, and see the divine in one another. Be attentive to sensations in your spine and forehead. Your unified sexual energy can rise through pathways in the spine to culminate in sacred sexual ecstasy, where time stands still and all boundaries disappear.
– Relax after sex. Take the time after intercourse to caress one another, relax, and bask in your intimacy.

Develop Your Relationship with the Moon
Whether you menstruate with the new moon or the full moon or fall somewhere in between, develop a relationship with the earth’s lovely partner. The earth and moon are held together in a gravitational embrace as they circle the sun, and the tonalities of this dance are experienced within us. The light of the sun, reflected by the moon, is an ancient archetypal rhythm that we have internalized, and it rules our sexuality and fertility. Observe the quality of your emotions and sensitivity of your moon centers during the lunar phases, notice the times of the month when you feel expansive and when you feel more inward. Walk in the moonlight, alone or with a partner, a few evenings a month or in the darkness of the new moon. Become conscious of how the expanding and contracting lunar cycle affects you. Honor and support your hormonal shifts each month, the polarities of yin and yang, as you view them mirrored in the night sky.

Kirtan Kriya for the Balancing the Moon Centres
This meditation is designed for women only.
This meditation will balance the moon centres and help you go through natural transitions with strength that creates stability. It will help to break unhealthy habit patterns and balance your emotions. It will help to cleanse and strengthen the aura, particularly cleansing any negativity related to relationships with men.

Lie down on the floor facing down with your chin on the ground. Place the arms by the sides with the palms facing up. The eyes are focused between the eyebrows while mentally chanting the mantra SAA TAA NAA MAA. (birth life death rebirth). Gently press the thumb and index finger on SAA, thumb and middle finger on TAA, thumb and ring finger on NAA and thumb and little finger on MAA. Keep repeating the sequence for 3-31 minutes..


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